I have claimed many identities in this life—a mother, an artist, an activist, a faith leader, a baker, a cook, a builder, a studio manager, a producer, a photo assistant, a creative director, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a social innovator—but I’ve always been reluctant to claim designer as an identity. …

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

This is what I call my ‘Are you pondering what I’m pondering?’* wanderings. Little snippet of ongoing thoughts. My dear friend and business partner Anna has always said I think at a ¼ turn from her, neither of us in the direction of the norm and certainly not what is expected. I offer these little glimpses into what I’m seeing and thinking, the raw musings of my now.

This week I’m thinking about Polyvagal Theory, the work of dismantling white dominant culture, and how critical it is to have a space of safety and connection to return to and work…

A photo collage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with quote beginning, “Dissents speak to a future age….”
Photo collage by Picture Impact.

I was listening to Brene Brown’s podcast as I often do while I cook, and her reflection on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s hit me like a gut punch. Sure. I’d been thinking about it for a week, and was in sort of a lost state, unsure of where to anchor myself, not clear about which of the many things that RBG stood for was most at stake. And Brene brought it to the forefront for me, dissent. The power of dissent.

The very fact of our freedom, as women, to make a living of our own, to own a house, to…

Katrina Mitchell

Designer, Urban Planner, Strategist, Maker, relentless seeker of beauty and co-founder of Picture Impact.

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